Rebecca Black says It’s Friday

It’s Friday!  Two days from the next end-of-month payday, and six from the next bi-weekly payday.  My next bi-weekly check will be the first full one since probably June–wouldn’t it be nice to have paid holidays and/or vacation days?

With the exception of gas and parking, and my one cave-in on the Auntie Anne’s pretzel, I’ve spent no money this work week.  My big boss goes to lunch everyday and keeps inviting me, but I’ve brought all week–same for coffee.  I did add to my Starbucks card this morning, but considering I usually budget $80 a month for coffee (and yes, I know how ridiculous this is) and this month I’d spent 30 so far, I’m not feeling guilty about buying today–plus I’m pretty much out of K-cups.

I’m planning on dinner and a drink with friends on Monday, and bringing a small housewarming gift to a gathering on Saturday (likely a bottle of booze), as well as buying gas tonight–but that should be all of my money spending for the rest of the month.

It seems a bit arbitrary to me to cut things off by month–I can’t buy more groceries or body wash until Tuesday, but you have to make the cutoff somewhere.  Generally I just borrow against the next month–“I’ll spend money on this now, and just spend less next month,” but that never actually happens, I just spend the more money.  I’m hoping by adjudging my budget at the beginning of the month for the expenses I know I’ll have at the beginning of the month will make me stick to it more.  I know already I’ll be spending a chunk in the “other” category next month, so I’ll allocate more in advance, and see where I can save elsewhere (like in not buying delicious coffee…)


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