Is it Payday Yet? ($108,870)

Went apple picking, picked up a few things at Stop & Shop and ate dinner (and pie) at home Saturday night. Will be eating delicious leftovers this evening, as I make my butternut squash stew–which should be my lunch Tuesday, Thursday and Friday this week. I’ll have to figure some dinner out for the other night, but I’m sure I have some kind of pasta around (or the tons of leftover mashed potatoes I have–I’m not above eating mashed potatoes as a meal).

Only three more days to go until payday, when I get to pay $300 to one student loan and pay off (hopefully) the smallest one. I’m sure I’ll be thrilled to be in the ($107,000)s, but I’ll be really happy when I’m out of the negative six-figures. Hopefully I’ll have a permanent position in January or February, so I can start saving a little too, so that I can eventually move into my own place. It will really help to eliminate all my private loans–so my monthly minimums are around $750 a month instead of $1,000–I think sometimes I forget that my obligation each month is smaller than what I pay–and if I’m trying to buy something they’ll look at the minimum obligations and not what I have been paying. But imagine if I keep paying over $2,000 a month–it will be so freeing to have that money to do whatever I want with it once everything is paid off.


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