Back in the 107s ($107,278)

I made what should be the last payment on undergrad student loan #1 this morning. I literally remembered it was payday before my shower, checked my bank account balance, and made the payment before doing anything else. [Better]

I also did Day 3 of this 30 day plank challenge. [Stronger] So much done before 6am this morning!

My next payday is in two weeks, and I have my car and life insurance payments, which total about $100, and getting my hair done and lunch with my sister this weekend–other than that I’m going to try to limit my spending to food shopping and gas. I filled up my tank last night, which takes me to about $100 for the month, and I’m guessing I’ll end up spending another $30 which will take me into November–much better than the $300+ I have been spending. Four more days until my more expensive train pass pays for itself in parking savings–which doesn’t include all the gas money I’ve been saving. I’m not optimistic about my ability to get through the month without filling up my Starbucks card–though I’ve been good and made coffee three or four times this week, and I’m hoping I can keep that going–I just need to make sure I have milk in the house.

I’m meeting a friend for lunch today, so I’ll be buying. I was supposed to meet her yesterday but she had to cancel at the last minute. Luckily, however, I was prepared and had brought what should have been today’s lunch with me on Tuesday, so I had that yesterday, and didn’t have to end up buying two days in a row. Staying under budget is definitely easier when bringing lunch everyday. Hopefully I’ll be proactive and prepare tomorrow’s lunch tonight so I don’t have to run around like a headless chicken tomorrow morning, like I usually do.

The TL;DR version: hopefully at this time two weeks from now I’ll be firmly entrenched in the 105s.


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