Some Frustration ($107,549.94)

I’m still mad at myself for deleting my old federal loan data from Mint.  But I can still see the difference in net worth related to all my other accounts, and that was about $5,000 positive change to net worth.  Since September I’ve made another $3,000 worth of dents into my debt.  $8,000 in a year isn’t too bad I guess, but I’d like to see more, especially given the number and amount of payments I made.  Hopefully all of these additional payments will be making some progress on principal, so as I pay more and more, each dollar will have a bigger impact month-to-month.  I just really wish I could see all of it together on Mint instead of trying to piece it together in my mind.

I bought stuff for sandwiches and smoothies this week.  I have my travel coffee cup and k-cups out for tomorrow, and breakfast in a to go container, ready to be heated and brought with me in the morning.  

I also chopped off my hair this weekend, and got it re-dyed. [Blonder]  And it actually cost less than I was planning for.  And hopefully it will make getting ready go a little faster in the morning.  More time for getting my lunch and coffee together.  

I started reading the old blogs of a personal finance blogger, starting from the newest.  I feel like she was trying to get to positive net worth for what looked like 3 years, and each year she was relatively close–over a couple thousand dollar.  It made me really frustrated for her–why hasn’t she paid off those credit cards yet?  It also really pisses me off when someone has a student loan, that they used to pay for a car.  That’s not what that shit is for!  I’m also fairly certain it’s against the student loan rules, but whatever.  I’m sure I’m guilty of using my loans for some things that weren’t education-related or 100% necessary–but not $14,000 worth, certainly.  

I’m glad I can at least see my one loan eliminated.  The goal is to have the next one gone by mid-February at the latest.  Even though that loan was the lowest (though I don’t know if it was always the lowest–who knows what my strategy always was), the payment was one of the highest payments of the $225 total payment for the five loans.  Fifty bucks and change a month.  So now that $50 will be going towards the next loan.  I definitely see the merit in paying off these smaller ones first so that larger and larger chunks are going to principal on the next loan.


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