Hypocrisy ($108,035)

Back in the 108s.  Sigh.

Just re-read my last blog.  I’m pretty hypocritical, considering all the money I spent this weekend. It’s nothing I couldn’t have saved until next month, and definitely wasn’t money I needed to spend AT ALL at this time, but what’s done is done. I moved $100 into my savings account so I’m going to try to live on $195 until next Thursday–which is about how much I have in the budget anyway.

I’m home sick from work today, and left early yesterday.  So my working on Columbus Day basically just got nullified, and then some, but even though it won’t be a “full” paycheck, it will still be an extra for the month next week.  I’m planning on spending $225 in what was formerly my minimum, plus another $725 in extra payments, and moving $500 to savings.  That should more than wipe out one paycheck, and I’ll have most of the other smaller one for my spending and bills.  Since I clearly can’t be trusted with money in my checking account.


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