The Good and the Bad ($108,047)

The good: I went through my old statements (not free by the way), and was able to approximate my debt (though not my negligible assets) by month since January 2012. I’ve paid off about $20,000 in those 22 months–about $15,000 of that in 2013, when I started keeping track of my spending. And there’s two more months to go this year. And if I pay the exact same amount towards debt next year, it will make an even bigger impact, because I’ll have less principal and interest to contend with. Exciting stuff.

As of today this difference in cost of my train pass has been exceeded by the amount I’ve saved in parking.

Unfortunately, a lot of what I’ve saved in gas has been spent elsewhere. I have one set of purchases I need to return this weekend to get about $40 back–this is what happens when you have a few free hours and you’re near lots of shopping.

I also bought my lunch yesterday and am buying again today. Yesterday because I only wanted soup (and spent under $5, which while it’s more than I should spend–$0–it’s better than $10) and today because I had to take care of something at the house that cost me about 15 minutes this morning. Kind of infuriating. I’ll be buying coffee today too, but yesterday I was still feeling really sick, so I skipped all coffee entirely.

I currently have about $180 to get me through next Wednesday. I think peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are in my future next week–though I’m not remotely upset about that.


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