Quick Life Update ($108,123.28)

1) I went to see a musical with a friend last night.  Ticket was $25 (not too bad, I thought), drink, snack and parking totaled about 32?  Not great but not terrible.

My boss told me yesterday that they’ve put in (again) to make my position permanent. I likely won’t hear anything on this for a while, because they wait until the year has begun to finalize the budget, but it sounds like there’s more of a chance this year–considering they had sufficient work to extend me past a year in June, we’ve been very busy lately, and it sounds like there’s more than just one person supporting it.  I think that the difference in pay would be at least $20,000–a difference that would only replace the pay from my second job, but I’ll be crossing my fingers (and toes, and any other available appendages) that it would be more like $35–so I could eventually move and not live two hours from my job! (Not paying for a place to live is pretty legit, but it CLEARLY has its drawbacks.)  Hopefully that would enable me to save for a year while doing both jobs and pay down some debt a bit faster.

But I have to get hired first.


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