Impatient ($106,231)

I put a payment through on my federal loans on, what, Thursday? So anytime you want to take my money would be good for me! I hate seeing my account reflect a balance that is higher than I know it really is.

I got one of those “reduce your interest rate on your existing card!” phone calls this weekend. When I told them to take me off their call list, the nice man in–I’m guessing here–India asked “you don’t want to speak to me or you don’t pay want to pay a lower interest rate?” I informed him that I don’t pay interest, and that actually shut him up pretty well. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure they’re going to continue to call me, but that one call was a small moral victory.

(I obviously pay a crap-ton of interest, but on student loans and not on credit cards (anymore))

Payday is in three days and I’m not going out to dinner tonight as originally planned. I shouldn’t need to buy anything more than a few dollars in that time, and I’m expecting $80 from PayPal, so I expect to go into payday with about $300 in my checking account. This is almost definitely more than I would have carried over a few months ago (unless it was money already earmarked for a specific bill). It’s kind of awesome that the reason I have “only” $300 to carry over is not because I spent large chunks of my paycheck needlessly, but because I paid $500 of my student loan bill early. I still have some work to do for sure, but I think I’m successfully changing some of my habits. Now if only I can stop biting my nails…


One thought on “Impatient ($106,231)

  1. Ugh, I’m totally the same way! I’m waiting on a wire transfer from my Korean account to my US account right now. It’s killllling me to pretend to be patient!

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