The Price of Inconvenience ($106,753)

I feel like I posted something similar to this before, but not about this specific thing.

My federal loan servicer allows me to reduce my interest rate by a negligible amount by signing up for automatic payments. Back when I was less financially responsible I would definitely not elect for this. I get paid bi-weekly, instead of at fixed times in the month, which I would prefer. And was I really sure that money would be in there on the 21st every month? Without me having to move some of my teeny tiny savings immediately before? But now that I’m more organized with my money, I think it’s okay for me to have my $500 monthly payment taken out on the same day every month, and I’m confident in my ability to plan ahead for it. This won’t prevent me from making the additional $450 in payments that I’ve been making on that particular account; I can still schedule that as a separate payment whenever it’s convenient to do so.

But here’s the thing: you can’t sign up for automatic payments online; you have to print out the form and mail it in. What year is this? I printed it out at least two weeks ago, but haven’t gotten around to mailing it in. I finally decided to sacrifice one of my fancy résumé envelopes to get it out of my purse. I know that the rate reduction will only be about 20 bucks a year, but it’s basically free money, and every little bit helps. And it’s not like I’ve been sending out printed résumés (or emailing them for that matter) anyway.

This is my third day this week bringing lunch. I’m getting kind of sick of chicken chili already, but what can you do? There’s also a possibility that I’ll need to go out to lunch today because we have someone visiting from another office. With two company-purchased meals in the last three weeks I would definitely expect to have to pay my own way this time.

I bought coffee yesterday, but only put $10 on my Starbucks card, instead of my usual $25 reload. And I only bought because I didn’t have any more milk. (Excuses, excuses…) I felt bad when I got there–I haven’t seen my Starbucks friends in so long–surely they’ve been concerned by my absence? This is 100% all in my head.

I knew I had another coffee on the card this morning, and debated buying again, but I was good and saved it. I also bought more coffee on Amazon earlier this week so I won’t be in any danger of running out, so I really can’t justify another Starbucks purchase quite yet.

I’m basically where I should be at this point in the month in terms of my (very conservative) food and drink budget. Let’s hope this trend continues through the rest of the month. Tomorrow is another payday and I’m looking forward to scheduling more debt payments. The sooner I send it to my servicers, the less likely I am to spend it on Starbucks…


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