NOW I’m whining ($105,927)

Damn, I really want Wendy’s. I’ve be debating back and forth whether I should go or eat the myriad food I have at home. I’ve decided on going home (Wendy’s is now in the opposite direction of my closet train, as opposed to an exit I’m by anyway) to make some jambalaya business. I’m still a few dollars under my “fast food” portion of my budget, and $250 or so under on all food and drink for the month, but I’m also buying coffee for myself, and possibly a law student, tomorrow morning, and it would be good to make food for tomorrow anyway. But damn I want a spicy chicken sandwich and some fries right now. Number one weakness right there.


One thought on “NOW I’m whining ($105,927)

  1. I would look a recipe to see if you can make spicy chicken that is close and then get frozen fries… and satisfy the craving on a budget…

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