All-Around Slacking ($103,921)

I’ve been slacking on the posting and I’ve been slacking on the budget.  This weekend I bought myself dinner on Friday (2 for 1 calzones for me and my boyfriend) and Chinese food last night. The good news is that the Chinese food adventure yielded leftovers which I’ll be having for lunch tomorrow.  The bad news is I’ve pretty much slacked on every other money-based avenue so far this month.  Two purchased lunches, numerous purchased snacks.  Did a very small Whole Foods shopping tonight, but that isn’t a full grocery shop–basically I just picked up $16 worth of smoothie ingredients.

My second job has been a huge time and energy and emotional drain in the past few weeks, particularly this past week.  I have to do some coordination for next semester, as well as deal with some personal student issues.  I also had two three-hour commutes this week.  Basically I’ve been in no mood to food shop or be a general member of society (seriously, boyfriend and I watched almost the entire first season of 30 Rock on my couch yesterday–I regret nothing).  I have an ice cream party planned for tomorrow which I am ill-prepared for. Normally I just get the ice cream the night of, and get the other supplies in advance.  Because I’ll be in a rush to get home, that means no grocery shopping for myself tomorrow.  I also need to find a time to go to the mall…I need to go to one of those Christmas type stores where they have ornaments and stockings, because I’m doing an ornament exchange, and need to get a stocking for the man [Note to self:  write post about the expensiveness of having a boyfriend].  I did buy him two smallish Christmas gifts that I think he’ll like, and know the last gift thing I’m getting him, so then I’ll just have his stocking to take care of.  I haven’t even thought about gifts for my parents, aside from setting money aside in the budget for it.  I guess I’ll call my sister on this at some point this week.

Any creative topping ideas for my ice cream party? Besides Baileys?  Suggestions of favorite studying snacks? 


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