A Christmas Miracle! ($104,496)

On Friday I went into work like any other day. My boss’ boss asked her to come over for a brief conversation. After a few minutes she asked me to join them. All of the fancy budget/staffing meeting for 2014 aren’t happening until at least the middle of next month, so I thought they might tell me I had no shot at a full time position, and they wanted to let me know now, instead of hearing about down the line.

Instead I was informed that HR would be contacting me, as there is a rush to hire me before year end. I assume if I get in before 2014 it requires less approval or something? Either way, I am elated! So I fill out my official application, and get to work on my background check stuff before I leave, and today I got the word on my proposed title (which I’m very happy with) and salary (which I’d like to negotiate a little). So when I get home I’ll be doing some research on comparable positions and salaries.

This means a definite end point to my second job (I’m thinking one more school year), and more money to put toward my debt in the next year. It also means the awesome things that many of my friends take for granted like vacation and holiday pay, better medical and dental insurance, life insurance, etc. I’m even excited about having my transportation expenses taken out of my paycheck pre-tax! I don’t care if that’s really dorky!

It probably also means a fancy new purse. And, slightly more responsibly, UG2 and UG3 paid off in April.

Is it weird that I think I’m being rewarded because I’ve been more responsible with my money lately? Because I kinda feel that way.


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