Groceries and Gas ($103,023)

I feel very accomplished this morning!
Yesterday, the man and I had a meeting to attend at 11. Before we left the house I attempted to look at the Stop&Shop circular, see what was on sale, and write a grocery list. I decided to make meatloaf and potatoes for dinner, and some quesadillas to keep in my freezer. I made a list of all of the ingredients I would need, and–here’s the key part–actually checked to see what I already had in my cupboards! I am usually pretty terrible at this, and because we had to rush out of the house I wasn’t as disciplined with checking what I have for lunch supplies, but this is a start.

Two things about the Stop&Shop circular: 1) it had a coupon–get 300 additional gas points if you spend $50. 2) it had a special where if you bought five items in a group, you’d get another 400 has points. Most of the items were expensive ($10 face wash? Not today.), but one item had dual benefits of being really cheap and being something I need often/is non-perishable. So I stocked up, and saved $0.70 a gallon when I went to the gas station right outside the store. Did I mention my gas light was on, and I saved over $9? Planning victory!

I did buy extra salad dressing, which I apparently didn’t need, and one item I forgot to put on the list but did intend to get. But I really only made one impulse purchase–paper towels that were on sale to ensure we made it over the $50 minimum for the gas points. And I would have needed those soon anyway.

I’ve been reading a kindle book (from the library) about how to save money on groceries. Checking the various circulars was one major point they made, as well as planning with a list. They also talk a lot about minimizing the number of times you go to the grocery store. I’m going to try to make it without going for the rest of the week–we’ll see how strong my willpower is.

Lastly, I’ve been complaining a lot lately about the messy state of my apartment. I basically have a full apartment worth of stuff jammed into my two room apartment. So the man helped me clean and organize my room on Saturday. It took all day, but all of my closets are organized and the room itself is neat. The bathroom is next on his list (at any given time I have about five different shampoos in my shower, and another few in the linen closet), then the kitchen/living room. Organizing the food is his main priority out there–which will hopefully make shopping my kitchen easier, and save me even more money. This doesn’t mean I won’t complain the whole time.

I haven’t gotten through the whole book yet, but I’d love to hear creative ways to save on food. The more ideas I have, the better!


One thought on “Groceries and Gas ($103,023)

  1. I wrote a 5 part series on my blog on how to save $$$ on food expenses. I have the above recommendations as well as many others! 🙂 HERE is a link to Part 3 of the series 🙂

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