Five Figures!

My net worth shows on Mint as ($100,286), but the over $300 in my 401(k) has registered yet–so that puts me in the five figures (negative)!

Admittedly, when I pay beginning of the month bills, go food shopping and get charged daily interest on student loans it will bring me right back over again, but I’ll take this small victory while I can. Hopefully in another month or so this change will be permanent–at least until April 15 when I have to file my taxes.

My paycheck reflected almost all of my deductions this time. This included my 401(k), health, dental and vision insurance, and HSA savings. The only thing it didn’t include was my commuter deductions, but I knew I’d miss the cutoff for getting my February pass because my first paycheck was too late in the month. My total take home in my main bank account was about $100 more than my old “full” 80 hour paycheck used to be–and will end up being a little less once my commuter deductions are through, and I’ll have a separate (non-taxed) account from which to buy my pass and pay for parking when needed.

It will still be a few months before I’m comfortable saying that I’m completely out of the negative sox figures, but for now I’ll enjoy my first glimpse into it!


One thought on “Five Figures!

  1. Congrats on this great milestone of your debt free journey! 🙂

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