Everyday I’m (Side) Hustling ($99,509)

I’m dangerously close to the six figure mark, but I’m also thankfully one day from payday.

I’ve been working my side hustle for two years. It’s a live-in position, so in addition to providing me with income, it gives me a free place to live. Since I got the official job, I’ve planned on doing it for one more year, but I have days (and weeks) when I feel like it’s way too much. I have to commute over four hours each day (and realistically, closer to five), and then I have responsibilities when I get home–which is tough because I’m only home for two hours before it’s time for me to go to sleep. My man friend tells me I’d be crazy to walk away from the income and the free place to live, but I’m exhausted. I’m also worried about the effect it has on my full time job.

As far as I know right now, I’m staying, but am I crazy to keep doing this? Damn you student loans!

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