March Recap! And General Update! ($94,609)

It’s so sad to not see the kind of progress I had in the past.  Maybe it’s not lack of progress–maybe it just hurts to see the big chunk taken out of my net worth from taxes.  I feel like I was really close to breaking out of the ($90)s, but I guess it’s still 10k better than when I started posting it in October.

We’ve been looking at houses, and generally where we’re going to live when I move out of my current place.  My commuting costs will go down a little.  I’ll have to pay for parking daily again–but I can opt for a monthly pass, and all of it will be pretax either way.  If we don’t find something really cheap and livable I may move in with my sister for a few months, or may just look for an apartment.  The issue is that most apartments are going to cost me the same amount as a mortgage, which is completely crazy.  No decisions made at this point.

March was pretty good.  The budget came apart toward the end of the month as I was driving to the farther train station pretty much every day, in preparation for the arrival of my nephew. That weekend also involved a bunch of eating out (dinner, breakfast waiting on visiting hours, hospital snacks), and not doing the food shopping/planning that I had gotten pretty good about.


Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 9.46.04 PM

So there’s my spending pie for the month.  Over half of my spending on principal payments, and another chunk on interest.  Those ratios are going to go down a lot.  The spending on transportation was higher than usual because of the amount of gas and parking, and the food spending was more than I would like. I really have to stay disciplined come May.

I say come May because April is turning into a very expensive month.  Some of that is concert tickets–I’ll get $100 of it back, but I’ve spent about 2/3 of my gas budget less than halfway into the month.  I’m making minimum student loan payments, so that I can add as much as possible to savings in the next few months before I move.  I’ve spent a lot on fast food–not being home means no time for cooking. My Amazon Prime membership renewed, which I wasn’t really planning for, and I had to buy a shower gift.  I also have to get my car re-inspected this month.

Plus the taxes.  Oh the taxes!  I had to pay for Turbotax prep for two states, and the federal.  When I don’t have two jobs, the amount I have withheld should cover things more sufficiently, so I think I’ll avoid this pain next year.  Here’s hoping.


A Net Worth Memory ($92,279)

I filed my taxes yesterday. That costs me $130, which is pretty obscene, I think. I will be getting back $100 from one state and about $180 from the other–multiple state filings is why my TurboTax cost was so much. Paying the federal government reaper will cost me $2,100. This hasn’t hit my bank account yet, so I wanted to memorialize what of my higher net worth that I could.

I hate the fact that my net worth will only be creeping up in the next few months (or year–yikes!), but what can you do?