Freaking Out! ($90,938)

There are two distinct issues that will likely prevent us from closing on our house next week.  One is on our side, the other is on the seller’s end.  I can do absolutely nothing about either one of these things, except perhaps beg for the requirement to be waived.  Essentially my boyfriend’s tax return hasn’t been fully processed, because of potential self-employment tax that he owes.  I think he essentially over-reported income, but because he did they think he owes tax.  The amount he owes will be less than the amount his refund was estimated to be, so he actually owes nothing but until the IRS sorts it out we’re kind of in limbo.  Any advice of how to get them to process things quicker?  We sent them in the schedules they were looking for, and will amend it later, but just wanted to give them exactly what they asked for as soon as possible, in order to expedite the process to the extent possible–but I don’t know if it will help.  It’s extremely frustrating to be so powerless.

Topping that off, I emailed my second job/current living situation, to tell them we might be delayed in closing, and when did they need me out by, since I wasn’t sure I was going to make my original target of June 30.  They tell me that they were actually hoping I’d be out before the end of the month. So now I’m closing later and moving out earlier.  This does not bode well for painting inside the house, etc. before we actually move in (if it happens at all at this point).  The good news is it sounds like I’m still getting paid for the month of June, which I wasn’t positive on, and therefore wasn’t banking on.  

So I don’t have a definitive date of when my apartment needs to be vacated, but it is likely that I’ll be storing a good portion of my furniture and belongings in other parts of the house, so they can get started on renovations in the apartment–which is going to be totally nicer after I leave.  My replacement is getting a washer/dryer in the apartment!  So I don’t have much time to pack, which is compounded by the fact that I am only home for two hours a day on weekdays.  I don’t think I’ll be able to take any time off this week, so I’ll be looking at a busy weekend of packing, and likely a day off the week after.

So I’m basically freaking out.


One thought on “Freaking Out! ($90,938)

  1. Keep your head up. Sorry to hear about the tough situation, you’ll get through this.

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