A Measly $2,000 ($91,136)

This is what’s standing in between me and five figures of student loan debt (vs. the current six figure number).  It wasn’t so long ago that $2,000 would be not even remotely considered “measly” and it obviously still isn’t (because if it were, I’d be in the five figures.

But it wasn’t so long ago (January!) that my net worth was in the negative sixes, and I feel like I’ve made a lot of progress since then (to be shortly eradicated by my down payment).  And I haven’t been counting the $3,399 – $4,594 that’s in my 401(k) (my contributions to date vs. including employer contributions, which have gained $150 since I started investing in it in January.  Why had I not been investing this whole time?

Anyways, to complete my circle of digressions, it looks like closing will be on the 26th–exactly two days after our originally scheduled date (tomorrow).  I almost burst into tears on the phone with man friend this morning, thinking about the move.  He goes away for a week two to three days after the closing, so this gives us no time to paint or do anything to the place, and I have to figure out coordinating moving after he comes back (which involves moving all of my stuff out of my current apartment beforehand).  I’m getting upset thinking about it, so I won’t write any further about the logistics now.  Because we’re closing two weeks later, it means we’ll be out of pocket a lot less up-front interest, and I’ll have received an extra paycheck before we close. As a result, if I do get a final final paycheck from job 2 on June 30 (which would be $1,350), I’m going to pay off UG3, and maybe throw an extra hundred or two at my federal loans.  I hate that they are the largest and have the highest interest rate, and the more I make small payments, the lower my daily interest amount will be.  If I dip just under the six figure mark, days later interest will bring me back up again, and on those accounts that could keep on for five months.  No thanks. 

Sorry this isn’t very coherent today–I just haven’t been terribly coherent lately, but hopefully things will be completely settled by this time next month.


2 thoughts on “A Measly $2,000 ($91,136)

  1. Congrats on the house! Perhaps consider putting your debt pay-off on hold (just pay minimums) for a couple months until you are settled in your new house and the bills that come with it… houses come with “surprises” and can be quite expensive… trust me, you will want a good size emergency fund! 🙂
    We do this with every military move… it stinks to put debt payoff on hold. But it is better to have the extra funds for “just in case” scenarios. Best wishes!

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