The Car ($89,747)*

I went to get my oil changed on Saturday morning at the local car dealership.  I tend to go there because they give free manicures while you wait, but the day was so nice that I felt like walking around the lot.  I have no idea why they have the free manicures–they get you by making you bide your time in the lot near the shiny new cars.  One in particular looked good to me–it was the type of car I want in a really nice color.  But obviously I’m not buying a new house AND a new car.

And the more I thought “maybe next year,” there is nothing really wrong with my car.  My old landlord is a car guy, and I’ll likely have him check my car out once I move (and can have my boyfriend bring it to his garage during the day).  My check engine light has been on for about a year now, but he told me it’s not a big deal and something that he can fix.  The main bad thing about my car is that the gas mileage isn’t great.  But guess what?  The car that I want?  Probably just as bad!  And once we move, manfriend will be driving me to the train most days (a few miles, and in his fuel efficient car), and even when I do have to drive that myself–it’s a few miles.  I really have no need to spend money on a car that I really don’t use all that often.  It’s one of those things that I have to tell myself is not worth spending money on, but I still get the pangs–IWantAShinyNewThing!  Cars can really be status symbols more than they are means of transportation, and while I think (know) I’ll give in to my desire for that someday, I can hold off until all the loans are paid off.  This is not to say I will keep my current car that entire time–I’m not sure my car has that much more time in it, but I won’t be getting the one I covet as my next vehicle.

* See that net worth amount? Closing is now supposed to be the 26th, so I should be back to the mid to high (90)s next week.


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