I Said Yes to the Dress ($93,905)

And I even deducted the cost from my net worth!
I went to David’s Bridal for the second time this weekend, intent on trying on a specific dress. I had the same intent with a different dress last time, but it was discontinued and they didn’t have any left in the store. In both cases, I had been creeping on an eBay listing. The first one was used (you know, once) and going for $450. After trying on some dresses I basically decided that the silhouette wasn’t for me anyway, so no big loss.
In between DB trips, I stopped at a place that I heard was going out of business. They had exactly zero dresses in my size, but the saleswoman convinced me to try on a dress that was three or four sizes too big. I liked it, especially the shape of the dress, but it had a lot of folding action and zero lace action. It was also on sale for $600, down from $900. While I appreciate saving $300, I really didn’t see this as a dress I’d pay $600 for. Then add in the massive amount of alterations. And while I’m confident in the seamstress’ ability to take the dress in, because I’m so much shorter than that size, I didn’t think the folds and curves would be in the appropriate places. Next!
So I continued to creep on eBay and saw a dress I thought looked really nice, and what I was looking for. The seller apparently cancelled her wedding, and was trying to recoup some losses on the $1,350 dress and $600 in alterations–removing the sleeves and changing the neckline. I let one auction with a starting bid of $450 lapse, but it got relisted almost immediately. So I figured I would try it on while I was in the store, and I loved it, except for the top, and much preferred the top of another dress by the same designer–very similar to what she had altered.
So when I went to go bid on this $450 listing I discovered that she has dropped the starting bid to $400, with only a couple days to go. Sweet!
So that’s my story about spending $450 on $1950 worth of dress. So far I’m okay with my wedding budgeting.

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