UG3! (I don’t have a net worth for you today!)

First:  reasons behind my lack of net worth tracking (it’s not just because the number is going up too slowly):  my refinancing has officially gone through.  Unfortunately, the refinancing was for over $700 more than it should have been.  The bank assured me that this would be sent back to them.  I’m not really confident on the timeliness of this happening and I’m not thrilled about paying interest on an extra $700 but it’s done now.  Don’t get me wrong, if I don’t get the money refunded to the bank by, say, Wednesday I’m going to flip my shit, but for now I’ll try to be zen.  Long story short:  Mint is really confused about the fact that I have a credit balance on a debt account, and is therefore accounting for it as a debt.  So there’s a $1400 incorrect swing in my current net worth calculation, per Mint. I also have a payment reflecting as paid in one account, but not in the other situation, so I’ll wait til that corrects itself, in lieu of doing the math myself.

On with the actual purpose of the post:

Today I received my extra paycheck for the month!  I get paid again on the 31st, which will be used for my first half of the month bills for November, so this paycheck is mostly for fun.  I’m going appliance shopping with my dad tomorrow.  He wanted to get us a housewarming gift and we decided on a washer.  Since it’s extra paycheck month (and what good is a washer without a dryer in the winter) I was thinking of buying the dryer to go with it.  He and my stepmom found some good deals on sets, and he said that if I paid $400 he’d pick up the rest for the set.  Sweet deal!  I’m also getting my hair done tomorrow, and we’re hopefully adopting a dog this month–though I think that may take longer than we were hoping.

I know that you’re thinking I’ve gone all crazy with the extra paycheck, and not used any of it for the greater good of debt repayment.  Fear not my friends!  I also made a $387 payment to close out UG3 today!  One of my favorite parts of the debt payoff thing is that I get a nice little letter (sometimes MONTHS) down the road, acknowledging that my loan is paid off.  I kinda want to frame those suckers.  This leaves two remaining undergraduate loans! Add to that two loans handled by another servicer, and my ONE federal loan — we’re now down to five loans, people.  From NINE.  My minimum payment on my undergraduate loans is now just under $100, from an original of $225. That means most months I’ll be putting an extra $125 on the next loan in line which is just shy of $3,100 right now.  I’m confident I can get that one paid off in the first quarter of next year (bonus and tax time)!  I might even be able to get the last one for $4,600.

Hope everyone has an equally exciting weekend!


One thought on “UG3! (I don’t have a net worth for you today!)

  1. Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for an award:

    Also, I’ve been intrigued by the way you break up your student loan payments into principal payments and interest payments. I’ve been thinking about doing that in a spreadsheet (not in Mint – not yet, anyway – I’m afraid of how it would skew everything since I haven’t done that up to this point). Anyway, thanks for the things to ponder!

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