Purchases and Payments

A few purchases were made with my card yesterday and today.  They are:

  • Random Hardware Store:  $13.74 – the man bought something needed for the new washer. Not wasteful spending
  • Walmart: $7.06 – the man bought me drugs to help ease my tooth pain.
  • Stop & Shop – unknown amount on a few food items, at least one of which was for me.

I should get some credit for the fact that neither one of these was actually me making a purchase, right?

My two student loan payments cleared, totaling $881:

  • Principal:  $517
  • Interest: $264

I have one more payment to go this month, which should go $100 or so to interest, and $200 to principal.   I don’t think next month’s payments will be as good, as there should be a full month of interest accruing before my payment is made, but hopefully the credit balance from my prior servicer will be applied.


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