Sunday Spending

Spent a whopping $85 on dinner last night.  That hurts.  One positive:  it was delicious.  Actually two positives:  I got to hang out with my best friend, who I don’t see nearly often enough.  I realize that hanging out itself doesn’t need to cost money, and hopefully I can see her more often for meals that involve cooking at home, but I wanted to do something nice to celebrate.

Anyway…also just spent $53.70 at Stop&Shop.  That place adds up.  $10 of that was buying five packages of turkey burgers to freeze.  These are normally $3.79 or so, and we have them for dinner at least once a week.  I picked up what I needed and a few sale items.  I went by myself this time, which is unusual.  I like to go down every aisle, but this wasn’t intended to be a full shopping, so I listened to the voice inside my head (which I attribute to the man) that said “you don’t need anything in this aisle.”  Aside from the turkey burgers, I also picked up hot chocolate, (for my desk at work) and cran-grape juice, as well as the purchases I went for: bananas, yogurt, frozen strawberries, orange juice (all for smoothies — don’t care that it’s winter), apple cider (while it’s still in season and relatively cheap), and saltines.  I also picked up some apples and raspberries on sale for bring-to-work snacks.  One gets sick of granola bars now and then (though I usually just rotate flavors).

Last money out of my account $9.99 on  Obviously not free, but I loved seeing the changes to my credit score as I paid down balances, paid off loans, opened new cards and increased credit lines, and got a mortgage.  I’m debating dropping this for credit karma, because I really don’t have the same need to track that I used to–ALL of my negative history is sold old that it’s dropped off the report, so I don’t expect any real big moves.


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