Remember That Bit About Daily Posting…?

Yeah, that clearly hasn’t happened. But when I’m not spending, what is there really to write about?

I definitely needed a higher grocery budget this month, particularly if the man wants to make a bird next week (and I definitely hope that he does). I’ve also gone $102 over budget on my cable bill this month. I usually pay it with my first paycheck of the month, but for some reason (likely distraction from the loan refinance) didn’t. Then when the man logged in to set up some email, two months of bills were on there. That kinda made me panic, so I paid the whole bill, instead of just what I would normally pay in November. This just means one less bill next month, when I’ll inevitably need to do some Christmas spending.

All told, I’m currently about $100 over budget for the month, with about $100 left in bills and spending (maybe more with groceries). <But the final spending number will likely be under the amount put into my spending account from my paycheck–not dipping into 1) the overage from my last paycheck (because fewer deductions are taken out when it’s the third paycheck in a month) 2) the general padding in the account from having three paycheck, or 3) my savings account. I’ve been trying to put $500 a month into my separate savings account, and I try not to think of that as money I can spend…yet my budget is usually red each month.

So far, I think I’ve done pretty well on my first No Spend month (KNOCK ALL THE WOOD), and think I might try it again in January or February. Hopefully I can successfully get through these last ten days.


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