Heading Home

Just posting to tell you that I’ve spent $0 from card swiping or cash paying today. I expect to see my Netflix payment for $7.99 posting, as well as a $225 student loan payment (about $90 of which is minimum payment, and the rest is snowball from UG1-3) and my $530something new student loan payment (up from my prior minimum of $501). I’ll break this up into principal and interest and report back once I can actually see both payments post.


So I Suck…

Not going to bother with the net worth calculation today.  I wish my stupid credit balance would go away (so it can lessen my balance!).

But that’s not why I suck.  I suck because I spent money yesterday.

Job Lot:  $21 (approximately).

We ran some errands yesterday — picking up something at a meat market for my in laws (who, with the man’s help made a dinner for their friends for today, and a smaller version for us to have last night), and getting the man’s tire fixed.  But we had some time to kill while we were waiting for the tire.  In spite of the fact that I was starving, I resisted the pull of Wendy’s, so I suggested Job Lot, thinking they might have a good deal on pickles.  They did not. What they did have, was Christmas paraphernalia.  Don’t get me wrong, these are things we will need.  But did we need to get them yesterday?  They were ridiculously cheap though, and we won’t have to worry about buying stockings or a lot of lights next month.  I may look to buy more lights after the holiday, when they’re cheap, but we should be good for this year.

Today we also spent $160 at Stop & Shop.  But grocery shopping is allowed and we hadn’t done a big shopping in a while.  We pretty closely sticked to the list, saved over $50 between sales and coupons, and bought toilet paper, paper towels, and a bunch of meats that should last us for a little while.  We’re also having tacos tonight and tomorrow, so the lettuce we bought last week won’t go to waste.  Not wasting produce is definitely something I need to work on, but hopefully the planning this week will help.

That Escalated Quickly ($92,129.64)

Mint still isn’t showing my correct net worth, due to the credit balance on my Federal student loan account, but I think what I’ve calculated should be pretty close.

October was three paycheck month! I definitely had some ideas in my head for that extra money–getting our puppy (still haven’t gotten her yet)*, fixing my car*, paying off UG3 and some fun spending among them.  Then I realized that I’ve been borrowing against that extra paycheck for the last couple months, and not really using only two paychecks to get me by, but dipping into the next a little.  Then I realized I was $1,300 over “budget” is October.



I mean, a little of that was the overpayment on the student loan, and paying the man’s cell phone bill (going to start shifting things that can be put on a card over to me so I can rack up points–I’m thinking this month I’ll ask him to pay the equivalent in utilities from his checking). I think a major issue is that I don’t plan well for non-monthly items.  For instance, this month I may (still a little up in the air) go see a friend on long island over Thanksgiving weekend.  That will probably be $100 in ferry costs, and possibly some in going-out-for-drinks costs. So if I plan to go, I need to plan for it.

Other than that potential trip, I’ve decided to do my very first No Spend month. No Spend November is not to be confused with No Shave November (and can we talk about Movember?  Mustaches don’t raise awareness of cancer, people. They raise awareness of child molesters).  I’ve eliminated the Restaurant/Fast Food Budgets (expect for a $5 carry over from October), and upped my Grocery budget a bit — I know we’re going to be buying a bunch of paper goods today and doing a BIG shopping — but I’m committed to not buying anything not on the list.  I’ve planned what we’re going to eat for the week, including my lunches (side note:  meal planning was much easier when it was just me, and my meals each lasted for at least three meals).

Coupled with my no spending, I’m hoping to be accountable by posting every day in November (edit: probably not Thanksgiving weekend, especially if I go away), including updates on what I’ve spent money on/what has come out of my account. Most of the money out of my bank accounts isn’t from swiping, but is from bill payments (Hello $1,093 in student loan payments, I’m looking at you), so I’m hoping it gets cuts down to almost all bill payments (and groceries and limited gas) throughout at least most of the month.

I already have a pending post waiting for you about my open enrollment plan, but making sure I’m accountable to my no-spending seemed like priority #1.

* I still have the extra adoption fee in my account, and may come out of savings for the car fix, because I think that should probably be done before the winter.