And We’re Back! ($92,628)

At last!  After almost two months, the refund of my credit balance has been issued.  I haven’t actually gotten it yet, but at least my accounts are no longer completely wonky.  This looks like about $2,000 of progress since I was last posting it regularly?  It’s really hard to tell for me now.  When I wasn’t paying a mortgage, I didn’t ever have huge outflows from my accounts, except for my loan payments, which were mostly offset in the net worth calculation by debt reduction.

As soon as the new year hits, I should be able to file for a homestead exemption on my property taxes.  If this lowers my mortgage payment (by about $100) I’m not sure if I should take the extra money and put it towards my loans, or to continue putting it on my mortgage (my highest interest rate!)  After five payments, I’ve paid off $1,250 of principal — a little depressing, but by paying an extra $40 and change a month, my final payment is now $25.  After the next payment, I’ll have cut that last month out completely, and every five payments will likely knock off another month.  For now the extra I’m paying isn’t too much, and hasn’t been making too much of an impact, but as the principal slowly goes down, it should make more and more of an impact.


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