Better than Yesterday ($91,446.48)


I know I shouldn’t be saying “Ugh” with a title of better than yesterday, but I just realized something that annoys me.  I made my $700 payment today from the joint (house) account.  As a result, this transaction will not show up as a Student Loan Principal transaction, though the reduction in principal clearly shows in my net worth calculation (hence the title of “Better Than Yesterday”).  I’m thinking I might be able to add a dummy transaction, which I will look to do after the close of the month — I don’t want to show up as way over budget for the month because this transaction isn’t out of my usual accounts.  It’s annoying having so many damn accounts.

That will take care of tracking my 2015 Goal (I had a really hard time not typing 2014 there — weird).  As to the overall student loan repayment goal (as in Paid. Off. Completely.) I’ve decided to do another type of visual. I’m a huge dork, and I love jigsaw puzzles.  So I bought a $500 piece puzzle, and am hoping to periodically post my progress by way of puzzle.  To be clear, my original loan balance was around $130,000, and is now a lot closer to $100,000.  I’m just going to go with $100,000 as my base to be mathematically easy.  So for every $200 that is paid off, I will add a puzzle piece.*  I started it off with 18 pieces, and I’ll be adding 2 to 3 pieces most months I don’t make the extra $700 payment from our rent income, about 6 pieces on months that I do, and hopefully there will be months with a lot more.

That’s all I have for today.  I’m hoping to actually post a picture of the puzzle around the 31st when I see what my end of month balances are.  Because my payments aren’t $200 (in principal…or just generally) at a time, I think the best plan of action will be to see what my balances are, see what the total reduction from $100,000 is, and then make sure the total number of puzzle pieces matches.  I’m also not posting the current picture because I’m too damn lazy to get off the couch right now.

* Wouldn’t a 1000 piece puzzle, with each piece representing $100 be a lot more mathematically easy?  Heck yeah, but I DO NOT have the patience to do a 1,000 piece puzzle over the course of three years, and the puzzle I picked is visually very easy to do a little at a time…I’m not going to pull my hair out looking for a new piece every time I pay $100.

One thought on “Better than Yesterday ($91,446.48)

  1. There’s nothing ugh about reducing your loan balance that much. That’s awesome.
    Your puzzle idea could actually serve as the source of a good product idea – something that provides a physical, visual representation of debt. Maybe a device that interacts with Mint and gives a cool visual graphic of your debt slowly being reduced.
    Good luck on a frugal 2015!

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