Ting Ting Ting! ($82,199)

My current bill is $44.68!  That’s about half of what my last Sprint bill was, for the exact same service (just trying to be conservative with my data usage).  I used XL+ data (just over 2000 MB), which accounted for $30 and change of my bill.  But I’m hoping that I’ll be able to work on using less and less of my data (ensuring I’m on WiFi whenever possible, hopefully bringing my Kindle in with me so I’m not randomly surfing the internet during my train ride), so that I can hopefully get this down to $19 a month on data.  I also used over 100 text messages this month, by talking to a friend I’m not usually in touch with, so I don’t expect to go over the smallest allocation next month.  Though I think that’s only a $2 difference.

Either way, I’m really happy with my decision to change to Ting so far!


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