Cost Cutting Update

A couple of months ago, I posted about ways in which I could cut some of my costs.  I wanted to give a recap:

Car Insurance:

We’re now paying $886 a year for car insurance.  I had been paying $790 a year–for just me.  And my hubby had more coverage than me.  So my portion will be about $30 a month less than what I had been paying.  I’ll need to set some money aside because we’ll be paying in 6 month chunks, but for the first couple months it will only be a bit more than I had been putting away monthly.

Cell Phone:

I switched to Ting and have paid one bill so far.  I definitely need to work on not using data by checking facebook during the workday, and googling random things on my train rides.  I have started playing sudoku and bringing my kindle instead, which will hopefully help. The takeaway is that my bill last month was $49 instead of $98.  I’m guessing it might be up to $60 this month due to data use, but again, I’m optimistic I can routinely  get to $45 a month.

The only bad news–my phone has been acting up, and I may be in need of a new one soon.  This might mean going back to a contract, and going on a joint Verizon plan with hubby–since he is adamant about not leaving them (full disclosure:  I love them too, but they’re plans aren’t great for one person).  So while I’ll still be saving over Sprint, I might be paying a bit more per month.

Credit Cards:

Shortly after I posted, I got a mailing informing me I can upgrade my Capital One card to a Quiksilver card–keeping my card number and the age of the account, but losing the annual fee.  That was surprisingly easy!

Still waiting for my taxes to be cheaper–I think that will update in July, but I could be wrong on that.  In other news, I’m down to just the one last  undergraduate loan, and I think it will be gone in July or at the latest early August. Either way, I’ll be down to just law school loans in time for my birthday.



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