Found Money!

it’s not really found, it was saved.   I was a little bummed to see my account balances go down so much as I purchased the last of our honeymoon plane tickets and made rental car reservations, but then I logged into Capital One and realized that I put money aside in a separate account for this very purpose!  This means that I still have enough money to shops for used bikes for me and hubby–we live right by a bike path and he would like to be able to use it for more than just walking. I’m fine with just walking it, but he’d like to bike, and I’m all about couple activities.


April (Already?) Recap ($83,117)

So I’ve definitely slacked this month on posting–what else is new?  But I realized that today is the last day of the month, and I have a terribly depressing monthly update to post.

After paying over $3,000 (is that right?) in student loan principal last month, I paid just a tiny bit over $1,000 this month.  This is actually more than a standard month should be, because I had a little tax return excess still in my account, and I knew that I have the extra paycheck coming in May.  Essentially I front-ran a bit of my May payment, so that my normal monthly payment for May on my undergraduate loans will bring me under $2,000.  I should have no problem paying the balance off of that one in July.  Maybe I can even get rid of my next biggest loan (currently about $5,800) by the end of the year.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 9.00.37 PM

For the year, I’ve paid $7,015 in student loan principal:

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 9.00.55 PM

Which isn’t too bad.  The bad news is that I only added five puzzle pieces this month, bring me up to 51.  I’m officially over 10% there!  More bad news?  My computer is being a jerk right now, so I’m giving up on typing and just going to pa going to post the picture.  Enjoy: