April (Already?) Recap ($83,117)

So I’ve definitely slacked this month on posting–what else is new?  But I realized that today is the last day of the month, and I have a terribly depressing monthly update to post.

After paying over $3,000 (is that right?) in student loan principal last month, I paid just a tiny bit over $1,000 this month.  This is actually more than a standard month should be, because I had a little tax return excess still in my account, and I knew that I have the extra paycheck coming in May.  Essentially I front-ran a bit of my May payment, so that my normal monthly payment for May on my undergraduate loans will bring me under $2,000.  I should have no problem paying the balance off of that one in July.  Maybe I can even get rid of my next biggest loan (currently about $5,800) by the end of the year.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 9.00.37 PM

For the year, I’ve paid $7,015 in student loan principal:

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 9.00.55 PM

Which isn’t too bad.  The bad news is that I only added five puzzle pieces this month, bring me up to 51.  I’m officially over 10% there!  More bad news?  My computer is being a jerk right now, so I’m giving up on typing and just going to pa going to post the picture.  Enjoy:


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