Overdue Post ($78,708)

So I’ve been just a little bit busy with wedding planning.  We got married on September 12, 2014 by a Justice of the Peace, with just witnesses. We did this for tax and benefit purposes, but we did still want to have a ceremony and reception (on the same date this year) for family and friends.  There were definitely times in the last twelve months when I thought we should should save the money we were spending on the wedding, and forget the whole thing, but I’m very glad we did it.  The day ran smoothly, the food was great, and I got to see almost of all of my loved ones in one place.

Now that that’s done, we’ll make a few purchases with money given to us as wedding gifts.  The man would really like a new knife set, I would like a new vacuum, and maybe a scale.  There isn’t a lot of house stuff that we need (which is a big part of why we didn’t register) and our place isn’t that big.  I took a chunk of it and put it toward my lowest student loan, which is now sitting pretty at $3,320.  I also scheduled a payment, after receiving our rent check, for $700 that should all go towards the principal (for some reason, when you schedule a second payment in a month, none of it goes toward the little bit of interest accrued; it all goes to the next payment).  With the man working in a long-term position, he’s making more money than he will once that post is over, and some of that will be going towards that loan as well.  (My hubby is even more enthusiastic about loan payoff than I am–I love him all the more for that!)  So I’m estimating that that loan will be paid off in November. I don’t think I’ll hit my goal of $20,000 in principal paid off this year, but I think if we really push we can get to $18,000 (and I’m not ruling out entirely that we’ll make it).

I’m not sure if my net worth has gone down since my last post (it has been a while since then), but I’m pretty confident that it will consistently go up from here.  I tapped into a little bit of my regular savings for wedding expenses, but I shouldn’t have any major expenses in the next few months.  One thing I did adjust is my HSA contribution, so my paychecks have gone down, and therefore I’ll be saving less, but that should only be until the end of the year.  I will probably max out my contributions through my bonus next year (or, like I did this year, contribute what I hope to be the maximum, if we switch to hubby’s insurance in September).

My house is a disorganized mess which I’d like to work on.  Largely because my puzzle is currently buried under things in my spare room.  But I will try to do an update at the end of this month, and I should have a pretty good number of pieces to add since my last puzzle post.