Quick Update ($76,112)

I suppose it’s completely wrong to refer to these as monthly recaps anymore.  Maybe next month.

When I last posted my puzzle, I had 64 pieces filled in.  As of today, I’m up to 89! Woohoo!  This is two months of tenant rent payments (7 pieces/$1,400), some wedding gift money (8 pieces/$1,600) and a few months of regular plugging away payments.  I was pretty excited to add 25(!) pieces to the puzzle this morning.

I don’t know if I’ll be making the usual every-other-month rent payment in November.  We’re looking to do a bunch of stuff to the house — insulation and potentially doing some stuff outside to make our lives (and our tenant’s life) easier for the winter.  The insulation will likely be just under $2,000 (with serious incentives, which would otherwise make it way more). This will save us money on our heating bill this winter, and will reduce our taxable income a bit.  The other stuff comes at an unknown cost, and may seriously dilute our house account, which is why we might try to build it back up a bit before continuing to put some of it towards loans.

This year I’ve paid approximately $15,100 in student loan principal, with about a month and a half to go.  We’ll see how much of his newly acquired paychecks hubby wants to put towards them this year, but it’s possible (not admittedly, not probable) that I’ll make the $20,000 goal this year.  I heard from my mortgage company late last week, and our mortgage is officially going down $100 a month, and I’m getting a refund of $700 from overpayments to the escrow account in the last couple of month, which I may be putting towards the loans.  Either way, I’ll be pretty happy with my progress this year, and will look forward to setting a goal for 2016.


(Seriously, this thing is almost 20% done!)