October Recap/Looking Forward

This month I looked at the amount I needed to hit my goal, and the amount of time left, and decided to pull $1000 out of my savings to put toward my next loan.  I also received our escrow reimbursement from our mortgage company.  Essentially we’ve been overpaying into our escrow account for most of the year because our taxes went down by about $100 a month.  So the $742 that we got back is scheduled to apply to my loan on Monday.  I won’t see the effect of that until next month, but it’s still this year.

We’ve definitely been pretty good this month about getting things done (although we haven’t been so great about not spending money).  We rented a dumpster to get rid of the debris in our back yard, and have scheduled a contractor to come in to put in walkways and pave our driveway.  That will make this winter so much easier, particularly if we get anywhere near as much snow as we did last year.  Lastly, we are looking to get a bunch of insulation added to the house, which will hopefully help us save on heating bills.  Not to mention, make our house more comfortable.  That last part is actually going to cost less than we originally anticipated, thanks to the rebates available through our electric and gas company.  All of these things will essentially wipe out our house account though.  So I won’t be making payments from that account on alternating months for a while, while we build that back up.  RIght now I’m looking forward to setting my goal for 2016, but I won’t count on any rent payments going towards it.

Other than the extra $1,000 (nothing to sneeze at) my loan principal payments this month consisted of my two standard payments, which reduced my principal a total of $1,764, bringing me to a balance on all loans of $80,371.  I’m happy to report, I am now at 98 pieces to the puzzle.


(I’ll fill that weird little space in November — found the pieces!


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