November Recap

Just a quick update to show my payoff progress for November.  I didn’t do my usual rent payment, but hubby did contribute $2,000 now that his bank accounts have been shored up a bit.  Thanks Hubby!

We bought a wifi thermostat, so we hopefully won’t have to worry about accidentally leaving the heat on when we’re gone for the day, or when we’re in bed.  We’ll also get a rebate from the gas company for most of the cost of this.  Our insulation still hasn’t been put in yet.  Some kind of test for the insulation should be done on the 15th, and hopefully the actual installation will be shortly after.  Here’s hoping these two things help with heating costs this winter.

Our driveway, which was scheduled to be paved late last month, has not been done.  Our contractor cancelled on us the week they were supposed to do it, and we didn’t have time to find someone else who could do it for a reasonable price.  So we still have a good amount in the house account, but knowing how much is going to come out in the spring, I think I’d like to build the balance up to around $10,000 (or around $5,000 post-driveway) before I start putting rent payments toward my loans again.  The heating system in our tenant’s apartment is not ideal, and updating it will likely have to be done eventually, so we want to start planning and saving for that.

So there we have it.  Mint is still not connecting to my loan servicer’s site, but when I checked this weekend, my two loans totaled $76,818, which means 115 total pieces in the puzzle.  I’m so close to a quarter of the way there!



One thought on “November Recap

  1. I love that you’re capturing the progress in such a visual way. Congratulations on the incredible journey to get to this point. Most people see debt (student loan, mortgage, credit card . . .) and get so overwhelmed by the total that their brain immediately shuts down the possibility that it’s manageable. What you’ve done (and what I’ve been doing these last few months) is to attack it in sections. If I’m not mistaken, that’s a similar principal to infomercial sales. Better to tell someone an item is 4 easy payments of $85 instead of saying it costs $340. Your brain might balk at being able to afford the total, but the breakdown feels much more doable.

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