Getting Frustrated/Making Progress

I’ve started to give up hope that my Law School Loans will once again feed back into Mint.  At this point, I can live with just hiding the accounts entirely once my second LSL is paid off (which should hopefully be next month).  But now my big daddy former federal loan servicer has redesigned its website, and these aren’t updating now either.  I really don’t want to wait until I’ve paid off this $65,000 balance for my Mint accounts to be correct.   Hopefully this will just be a transition issue, and it will correct itself by the time my LSLs are hidden.  The good news is that it should be easy to determine my remaining loan balance, since it will only be one website to review.  Still, very frustrating.
On a much happier note, I received my bonus on Friday.  In addition to my 401k contribution, I added $4,100 to my HSA.  I now have about $7,600 in there, with an annual (in network) out-of-pocket maximum of $8,000.  Hopefully I don’t get anywhere near that, and I have a decent amount to carry over into next year.  

After these deductions, I also got a decent chunk of cash.  We bought a crib and a dresser for the baby this weekend, which we’ll hopefully put together this weekend. I’m keeping a little in my accounts to be put towards a glider for the baby’s room.

Lastly, I made my two usual payments on my law school loans earlier this month — $300 toward the beginning of the month (formerly the $250 beginning of the month payment to my undergraduate loans), and my $300 normal payment on the 15th.  The next day I could have made a scheduled payment is the 20th, which is a weekend, and wouldn’t actually go through until Monday.  I decided to pay the $1.95 convenience fee to make a payment earlier, which is actually less than the interest that would have accrued in the meantime anyway.  I’ll include the actual amount of my payment in my end-of-month recap, which should show tons of puzzle progress.