A Quick Note…

Just a quick note to say I’m still alive.  My computer officially died (so it’s much harder to post) and I’m thinking of replacing it with an iPad.  I’m about $6,000 short of my 2016 goal with three months to go.  I’ve decided to hold off on the iPad purchase until I hit my goal, in the hopes that this will give me incentive to focus.

I haven’t used any rent payments toward my loan payments so far this year. I’m thinking that the final two payments will go toward loans, for $1,400.  I’ll probably pull $2,000 from savings too.  If I make the monthly payments I had been making at the beginning of the year, that brings me pretty close to $6,000 in principal, so hopefully it can be done.

I can’t promise more regular updates, but hopefully I’ll be posting from an iPad soon.

One thought on “A Quick Note…

  1. Sorry to hear your computer died! Mine kicked the bucket back in June and I got a macbook (thank you payment plan). I hear you on being short on your goal. Unexpected things and a month lull between jobs did it to me. Hope you hit your goal by the end of the year!

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