I Got Serious ($55,366)

After my last post, I took a look at my accounts and did a couple of things:

1. Made a $2,000 payment from my savings account.  I’d have to check what the balance was at the beginning of the year, but I don’t think I’ll end up with much of a balance change for the year. It should be mostly untouched until Christmas time (and/or time to pay for life and hopefully disability insurance).  I’m guessing I’ll end the year with about $3,000 in there–significantly lower than my original goal of adding $3,000 to the account for the year.

2. Made a $1,400 payment from the house account.  I was originally going to put November and December’s rent toward my loans.  Instead I’ve basically used August and September’s instead.  Next year, most of the rent payments will be going towards my loans.

3. I had also recently made a $600 payment and my monthly draft of $554 went through.  

All told, I only have about $1,700 left in principal to get to my 2016 goal for loan payments.  I’ll probably make a small payment with my next paycheck (probably around $200) just to keep momentum going, but I shouldn’t have a problem hitting my goal of $20,000 in principal before the end of the year.  Huzzah!

(This is 206 pieces)

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