I Cheated… ($51,838.92)

And bought my iPad before I’ve reached my goal of paying off $20,000 in principal this year.  But only because I was able to buy it for almost $150 less than the usual price.  Glad I didn’t impulse buy it immediately when my computer broke.

But fear not, this purchase will not deter me from meeting my goal to pay off $20,000 in principal this year.  I was referred by a coworker of mine for my most recent student loan refinance, and we both received $200 as part of their referral program.  My $200 went right to my principal.  My first monthly payment to the new loan will happen at the beginning of next week, and if that doesn’t take me over the top, I’ll make another small payment towards the middle of the month.

The yellow bar is last year — it doesn’t show hitting $20,000 because of issues with tracking one of my loans, but not an issue this year.  I’ll be posting an update to my puzzle once I hit this milestone.  And I’m excited for the new year, and posting my new goal.  Until then…

One thought on “I Cheated… ($51,838.92)

  1. Haha, sounds like you took advantage of the Black Friday sales. Probably a good idea. Nice to see you getting some referral bonuses. I did the same thing when I was paying off my student loans. The money would come in and I’d immediately roundtrip the payment back to the loan company. It may not seem like much, but it adds up over time.

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