Financial (and Other) Fitness ($50,147)

Good morning/afternoon/evening,

Last year, my husband and I each received $200 as reimbursement for our gym membership.  This year, the gym will cost about $850 total for the year, so the $400 reduction in cost is great.  This year, the reimbursement program has changed — now they’ll reimburse $300 each for our membership, BUT we have to each “check in” to the gym 120 times during the course of the year.  I’m not one to turn my nose up at $600, so I’ve been trying to be diligent about going each weekend day (done so far) and to try to take opportunities to go during the week when I get a chance.  Hopefully I’ll hit the 120 time minimum, and also get in slightly better shape while I’m at it.  

Or at the very least, I’ll play in the pool with the baby.


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