Finding Milestones ($25,775)

I've been working on paying off my debt for about five years. For about two of those years, I feel like I was consistently paying off a loan every few months. Now that I have only one loan left, I feel like I need to find small milestones to feel like I'm making real progress.
As of my next payment, less than $50 a month will be going towards interest. This is awesome because it means that over $1000 of my monthly minimum payment will be going toward principal. It also means that my principal balance is right around $30,000. The breakdown is:


  • $2,625 $0 (freshman year – undergrad)
  • $8,500 $0 (1L subsidized loan)
  • $12,000 $0 (1L unsubsidized loan)
  • $8,500 $0 (2L subsidized loan)
  • $12,000 $9,552 (2L unsubsidized loan)
  • $8,500 (3L subsidized loan)
  • $12,000 (3L unsubsidized loan)
  • $3,500 $0 (Grad Plus Loan – bar fees and prep)
  • $1,200 $0 (Irresponsibility Loan #1)
  • $2,500 $0 (Irresponsibility Loan #2)
  • $1,200 $0 (Irresponsibility Loan #3)

Now that it's August, we should be done with our summer overspending. We got back a week or so ago from a trip to the west coast for a combined wedding/vacation. It was pretty expensive, but the good news is that I don't expect any similar expenses in the next 12 months.
My goal has been to get my loans paid off by my 35th birthday. As of today, that's exactly one year away. So long as I don't plan another one of these trips, I think I should be able to accomplish this.