A Little Proud? ($108,194)

I really wanted to get home tonight.  My library books were due back today, and I didn’t want to pay $35 in late fees again.  Not that one day would be $35, but it’s money I don’t need to lose. Respecting your money or something like that.  I also really really wanted Wendy’s (I wanted Wendy’s last night, went out of my way to get it, and it was closed!)

But alas, I went to the library, dropped off my books, went home, ate my leftover calzone.

On another note, most of the difference from yesterday’s post is my monthly TiVo charge (I don’t pay for rent or cable, so I pay about $23 each month for a combination of TiVo and Netflix).  I don’t know why sometimes the charge shows up on the prior month, but it messes with my budget.  I have money in my account if it comes out early or late–I just want it to be in the same place every month.