Double Payday! ($105,410)

Hooray $105!
I’m going to see if I can schedule a student loan payment for tomorrow, since I would like to see that all in my November budget. I’m excited to re-set my budget tomorrow, which hopefully includes:
$2,225 student loans
$500 savings
$335 train pass
$20 parking (a few days driving up to the farther train)
$175 gas
$97 phone (standard)
$40 iTunes/netflix/TiVo (I’m not going to mess with my mint budget here, but my November TiVo charge has actually already cleared)
$30 financial (standard–life insurance and credit score subscription)
$84 car insurance (standard–though I have a dividend/free month coming sometime soon)
$500 food (I did pretty good on this, especially at the beginning of the month–hopefully I can come closer to $400, but this would still be a serious improvement from the beginning of the year.
$400 everything else (I usually plan for far less, and I spent around $700(!) this month. I’m going to try to stay well under this, but I’ll be happy if I stop the bleeding here)

If I can do math this early in the morning, this brings my total budget to around $4,400, which is probably a bit more than I’ll bring in for the month. When the mint screen is in front of me I’ll find places to make cuts–hopefully I’ll end up spending less on gas, parking, food and entertainment categories.

I’m also returning $40 of something’s after work tomorrow. And I’m due a refund from the event I attended on Monday night, to the tune of $45. This would actually bring my budget about even for the month.

I often blog from the train on my phone on the way to work. It’s really difficult to give my posts the organization and coherence they deserve. Maybe I’ll try to save my posts for when I get home.

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