Slow Progress ($105,281)

The last of my student loan payments for the month (unless I decide to do extra right before my next paycheck) should clear tomorrow, and I’ll be able to get a good view of how much I pay in interest versus how much I’m paying in principal.  I was checking/hoping to see if that payment on made on Friday had cleared in my student loan account, and I wanted to see the interest amount.  It’s not there yet, but ECSI does give a good breakdown of interest/principal paid per payment.  I have two loans through ECSI:

Perkins loans–$3,000 per year of law school, original balance of $9,000; current balance of $7,231,04:


Law School loans–$6,000 per year of law school, original balance of $18,000; current balance of $15,004.91:


Total interest per month has gone down about $20 since I first started paying on these.  Does this seem like a lot?  No, it doesn’t.  But over time?  Yeah, it’s definite movement. Baby steps!  One thing to note:  these two loans don’t feed into my tracking.  I’ve included these loans in as an “other asset/liability”, but I can’t really easily change it.  I currently have it in as $22,900, when it’s actually about $22,200.  Not a big difference, given that I’m $110,000 in debt. I’ll probably update it at the beginning of the year, and leave it for 2014.

I just spent about $75 on two pairs of pants and a blouse on eBay.  Both pairs of pants are used.  I usually stick to new clothes only, but I’ll give it a shot, and see how it goes.  I’m not ready to move on to used tops–I feel like someone selling work pants online probably wore them


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  1. I had some issues posting this last night. A few edits and the end of my post are missing…sorry for the abrupt end!

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