My mouth is throbbing! I have a chipped filling that I think I made worse my grinding my teeth/clenching my jaw sleeping on Sunday night. I thought about stopping to buy some orajel or something this morning, and got really excited when I thought I had an unused CVS card, but, alas it had just over $2 on it. So I took some Aleve and hoped for the best. I have a appointment to get some fillings early next month, but I might try to get in before then if it doesn’t get better. I may even suck it up and buy the orajel, but at least it won’t be an impulse purchase.

No spending today! And I’m hoping that my student loan payments will clear tomorrow, so I can break the transactions into principal and interest. For now, I will celebrate my lack of spending by heading home to a home cooked meal by my man. 🙂


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